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  • Hani Rice Terraces: a Model of Harmony Between People and Nature

    Hani Rice Terraces, the system of Hani rice-growing terraces, are mainly located in Honghe prefecture, Yunnan province, China, with a total area of over 160,000 acres and a history of more than 1,300 years.

  • Sci-tech Improves Qinghai-Xizang Plateau Ecosystem

    As the natural habitat of rare wild animals and the gene bank for plateau species, the plateau is an important ecological security barrier for China and even Asia at large.

  • China's Space Station Opens for Scientific Experiments

    It is the first time the Chinese taikonaut had entered the lab module in orbit.

  • Digi-tech, Better Village Life

    Rising from 27.2 trillion RMB in 2017 to 45.5 trillion RMB in 2021, the scale of China's digital economy is now ranked second in the world, recording a compound annual growth rate of 13.6 percent.

  • Wentian Lab Module Focuses on Life Science

    China's newly launched Wentian space lab module is designed to explore the origins of life and the universe.

  • China Made Admirable Achievements in Space Exploration

    Claude Nicollier, a Swiss astronaut of the European Space Agency, thought highly of China's achievements in space exploration and expressed his hope for future bilateral cooperation on space at the Sino-Swiss Space Science and Technology Cooperation Online Meeting, which was held on June 30.

  • Qixi Festival—Queqiao

    On May 21, 2018, China launched a relay satellite called Queqiao (magpie bridge in Chinese) to set up a communication link between Earth and the Chang'e-4 lunar probe that could explore the mysterious far side of the Moon.

  • China's Space Station: New Home for Astronauts

    Since China first initiated its space station project back in 1992, steady progress has been made to realize the dream of accommodating its astronauts in space.

  • Patent Applications, Transfers Soar

    China has granted more than 390,000 patents from January to June this year.

  • China's Vaccines Help World Pull Through Tough Period

    Official data shows that China has provided two billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines to more than 120 countries and international organizations for the global COVID response. Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, said almost 228 million doses of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines have reached 50 countries, becoming particularly crucial in 2021 when global vaccine supply was particularly tight.

  • Terracotta Warriors: Eighth Wonder of the World

    The Terracotta Warriors, consisting of thousands of life-sized ceramic warriors and horses alongside bronze chariots and weapons excavated in 1973 in Xi'an, Shaanxi province.

Top News

6.3 Trln RMB: Trade with BRI Countries Soars in H1

In the first half of 2022, the trade in goods between China and countries along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) reached 6.3 trillion RMB, increasing by 17.8 percent compared with that of last year.

Decoupling Sci-tech Cooperation: Harm All Parties

The U.S. administration should correctly view China's scientific progress and China-U.S. ties in scientific sectors.